The Hidden Gem In North Hampton: Restaurant Review

Quality is one word that accurately encompasses Nourish Wellness Cafe. With its use of fresh, organic, sustainable, local ingredients and quaint atmosphere it has to be one of the best spots I’ve found yet. Whether you’re looking for a bowl of fresh veggies, juices, smoothies or a quick bite of avocado on toast this is the perfect place to enjoy it.

It’s located on a quiet corner in North Hampton, Massachusetts which is about a 20 minute drive from my campus in Amherst. Initially when I was walking in the street with my friend, also a nutrition major, it was hard to tell if the place was going to meet our expectations. It’s a very modest, simple enough looking building from the outside.


But, as soon as we walked in we looked at each other in awe and took in the hidden gem we just discovered. We knew immediately that we would be visiting again sometime soon when we either needed a break from life or just a very high quality meal. We probably stood scrutinizing the menu for much longer than the average customer would. I wanted to eat everything on the menu, it was nearly impossible for me to decide between one of their “wellness bowls” or the acai bowl that I had done a project on back in Food Service Management my sophomore year.



I ended up choosing the acai bowl; a South American super berry loaded with antioxidants blended into a smooth, creamy frozen bowl topped with granola, almond butter, and fruit. There was also an option to substitute the granola for chia seeds which makes it not only a vegan breakfast but gluten free. It’s priced at $9.25 which is reasonable for the size of the bowl along with the quality of ingredients. I also ordered with it some fresh avocado on toast. A very simple dish yes, but can go wrong with avocados that aren’t fresh and bread that’s too thin. The thickness of the toasted wheat bread was filling and nutritious. On top of the avocados for a nice touch they drizzled olive oil, salt and pepper. All I can say is that the simplicity and clear organic origin of the ingredients made this dish that much more enjoyable. I could taste the freshness in every bite and as I sat at that wooden table I knew I had to share with everyone the very high zesty level of this place.



The Nourish Wellness Cafe is owned by Ethan and Ashley, a duo who cares about healthy living and feeding the body and soul what it truly craves. They want to serve people what they deserve; only organic, local, plant-based, real food. Their intention is to create a place that contributes to the health and well-being of the people not only through food but the incredible space they provide. They consult local farmers and business to ensure the use of local ingredients as much as they can. I highly recommend this restaurant. The commitment level that this duo has for making the community a more environmentally sustainable and healthier place is astounding. I am impressed and will definitely be visiting Nourish Wellness Cafe soon to uplift my soul with a zesty meal!

Here is a link to the website, you should really check it out!:)


ADDRESS: 10 Bridge Street. Northampton MA, 01060

PHONE: (413) 727- 3260

Monday                         Closed
Tuesday – Saturday    8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday                          9:00am – 4:00pm

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